Does Zetaclear Really Work?

Getting rid of toenail fungus is a big hassle for most people. Toenail fungus is unsightly and has a bad odor which has you dreading people seeing the fungus or being out in sandals. However, with Zetaclear you can be sure that the toenail fungus will be gone before you know it. Unlike many other products in the market, Zetaclear comes as both a topical solution and an oral solution. The oral solution fights the fungus from the inside while the topical solution ensures that the fungus on your toe is eradicated for wholesome fungus eradication.

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Does It Work?

This is the question that most people have when it comes to homeopathic solutions like Zetaclear. They put a lot of doubt on the products because of the ingredients used not knowing that these ingredients have been studied extensively to back up claims that have been made about them. Tea tree oil for instance is one of the ingredients in the topical solution. It has been used as an antimicrobial product since 1920. The broad spectrum uses of tea tree oil include antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and antiprotozoal. One study to prove the antifungal properties of tea tree oil was carried out using 60 thoroughbred horses where 30 were given tea tree oil and the other 30 were not. In the group that was given tea tree oil all the animals showed complete clinical and aetiological healing from the fungus infection after 15 days.

Clove oil is the other ingredient. In a study conducted on clove oil it was found that it is effective at fighting over 15 different forms of fungus including the common candida albicans. Clove oil can therefore effectively get rid of many common fungal infections. Lavendar essential oil on the other hand has been found to be very effective at getting rid of several strains of fungus including candida and also dermatophytes which are usually responsible for most nail and skin infections. These are just some of the ingredients you will find in Zetaclear. The studies conducted on them and clinical studies have proven all the ingredients to be effective at fighting fungus whether topically or internally.

What Do Real Users Say?

Despite having all the evidence needed from the studies we also went through many user reviews and testimonials available online. We know that there could be a lot of bias on the information available in these platforms because of rivalry between brands but we ensured that every review we considered was from a user who could prove their purchase and use of Zetaclear. We have found out that Zetaclear after about 6 to 8 weeks of use is able to completely get rid of the toenail fungus. In just a few weeks you will be able to see your nails transform and become what they once used to be. It also gets rid of the odor that emanates from the infected toe within just about several days of use.

The conclusion we have made of Zetaclear from the ingredients and the reviews we have seen is that it really works. If it has worked for so many people before it will also work for you since usually toenail fungus is just a common fungus. It is not a special strain requiring any special attention just use Zetaclear and see the results in a few weeks.